• Legal Marriage in Bora Bora

    The separation of powers between State & Church under French law sees that for a wedding to be legally recognised it must first be proclaimed in a Civil Marriage at the Town Hall. It is the ONLY internationally legally recognized form of marriage in French Polynesia.
  • Traditional Tahitian Wedding in Bora Bora

    Bora Bora has an intoxicating reputation as the island of love. This paradise on earth, possessed of unique natural beauty – the world’s most beautiful lagoon, stunning motus fringed by white sands & mystically powerful mountain scenery – deserves its reputation as “the most beautiful island in the world”.
  • Renewal of vows Ceremony in Bora Bora

    What better way to celebrate your life-long love than in Renewing your Vows on Bora Bora, this paradise on earth, in a most moving ceremony incorporating the traditional celebration of this special event
  • Your Wedding experience in Bora Bora

    "Destination Weddings" are a matter of dreams. Bora Bora is the destination of dreams.
    Live your dream with Wedding Bora Bora..
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Your Wedding in Bora Bora

tiare the tahitian flower for your wedding
tiare the tahitian flower for your wedding

Possessed of a unique natural beauty with the world’s most stunning lagoon, wonderful motus fringed by white sands & mystically powerful mountain scenery, Bora Bora is filled with a compelling energy that exudes romance & intimacy. This paradise on earth deserves its reputation as “the most beautiful island in the world” - there’s no other place like it on earth! 

Wedding Bora Bora assists in providing unique & exceptional celebrations:

  • Civil Marriage (the only way to be legally married in French Polynesia)



Wedding Bora Bora's Prinicipal has a legal background &, as such, a first-hand understanding of legal systems & documentation. Wedding Bora Bora can assist in offering advice on a broad range of issues including the drafting of documents & their satisfactory completion & filing, in protecting your privacy in the case of a divorce or pre-nutual agreement, in retaining one's maiden name & so on.

Wedding Bora Bora will not be 'guessing' what you need, not haphazardly directing you & thereby seeing you faced with unneccesary costs in the production &/or translation of documents or in having documents witnessed at a 'higher level' of authroity than is required.



The ceremonies are conducted at Bora Bora’s best venues – on stunningly beautiful motus (islets), at sensational beach & lagoon settings or aboard luxury craft whilst navigating in style on the unequalled beauty of Bora Bora’s exceptional lagoon. All are overlooked by the breathtaking mountain scenery of mythical Mt Otemanu where legend holds that god descended on Bora Bora atop a rainbow; all witnessed by magnificent sunsets behind mystical Raiatea & Tahaa.

In the interests of safety & security your transport requirements are undertaken by Manu Tours so as to ensure that all necessary licences are in place, all vessels are properly maintained & that complete insurance coverage is in place. The traditional ceremonies are conducted by Kokolani Entreprise, the leading provider of such services in Bora Bora. Only Bora Bora's leading professional photographers, make-up & hair styling experts are involved.   

Events of any size can be organised – a wedding planned & organised in 2014 by Roderick Page (now Principal of Wedding Bora Bora) with over 150 international guests is still the largest destination wedding ever to have taken place on the island. (Source: Mayor of Bora Bora).

Wedding Bora Bora is based on Bora Bora. Ceremonies are

  • Conducted on a private motu, not just on part of your hotel - there is no chance of other guests overlooking your special & intimately private ceremony.
  • There are no hidden commissions - your photographer, videographer, transport, ceremonial provider, hair & make-up experts & so on all come at cost - affording you considerable savings without compromising on quality.
  • The Traditional Ceremonies all take at least 30 minutes & involve a Tahua (non-denominational Tahitian celebrant) & at least 3 musicians & 2 dancers (not just a Tahua & a solitary musician!)
  • There are no limited number photo-packages - 100's of photos will be taken, all will be processed & all that are good will be passed on to you. Photography, video, 360 degree. above/under water options are offered.
  • After your ceremony the motu is yours to use for as long as you like, for whatever purpose you wish leaving you in a private, intimate & idealic setting to reflect on your special day free of any other hotel guests.


We look forward to being at your service to provide your special day, a unique day which meets your desires, expectations & dreams.



Welcome to paradise, to this breathtakingly beautiful gift of Mother Nature that is Bora Bora.

Bora Bora Vows Renewal Ceremony Bora Bora Legal Civil Ceremony in Vaitape Bora Bora Traditional Tahitian Ceremony
Bora Bora Vows Renewal Ceremony Bora Bora Vows Renewal Ceremony Bora Bora Traditional Tahitian Ceremony