There are 3 key elements in a Tahitian Traditional Wedding:

The auti, the plant sacred to Tahitians.  Water – taken from the ocean (moana), the greatest temple on earth. Tiare Tahiti – the wonderfully perfumed flower which symbolizes harmony & the sharing of all things.

  • A split leaf of “Auti” a sacred plant is tied on the wrist of each person, this symbolizes the union between the two individuals.
  • The Water poured over their hands to symbolize the purification of the Union.
  • The exchange of flowers, commonly lays & crowns, a welcome sign in French Polynesia.

The Auti

In recognition of the marriage being sacred, the wedding is first blessed using auti:

The sacred bond, the union of the two, is recognized by the tying of a strip taken from the back of the auti leaf which will call in good & protect the couple against evil. In ancient times Tahitians would tie the strips to the entrance to their fares (homes) to protect their privacy

The Auti - Traditional Tahitian Wedding
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The Auti & Water – Traditional Tahitian Wedding

The water marks the purification of the wedding

The exchange of Tiare Tahiti – the leis have been given to the groom by the parents of the bride as a sign of his having been welcomed into the family as one with other family members. The Tiare Tahiti is the symbol of the love for one another

The Water - Purification
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The Water – Purification

For the blessing

the couple is then wrapped in a “Tifaifai” (a Tahitian Guilt) for the “Tahua” (non-denominational Tahitian Priest) to give them his benediction. red signifying royalty & love, being wrapped together to signify their union; the union given the benediction of the tahua

The Blessing - Tahitian Wedding
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The Blessing – Tahitian Wedding

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