Tupai The Heart Shape Atoll

Breathtaking! A Pristine and Natural Beauty! Tupai the “Heart Shape Atoll”

Absolutely Stunning! With its heart shape, Tupai is deemed one of the most romantic Atoll in the world!

It is a popular escape from Bora Bora for many romantic couples!

Tupai the “Heart Shape” Atoll

Ever dreamed to visit a pristine un-touched natural island?

Whoaa effect guaranteed! Flying over Tupai is the most enchanting experience many couple dream off! Now imagine landing on its pristine beach to get married or renew your vows!  We can make your dream come true! 

Located 10 miles North of Bora Bora, the Atoll of Tupai offers a long stretch of beach, its own inner lagoon making possible a Helicopter Landing.  The Atoll is protected and seldom has visitors, it is one of these few pristine places left on earth!  Tahiti Nui Helicopter being one of our partners, let us organize your ceremony on this exclsuive Atoll. 

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