Romantic Wedding Venue Bora Bora

#1 Wedding Venues in Bora Bora by “Wedding Bora Bora”

We selected and developed partnerships to have access to what we believe at the top locations for a Tahitian Wedding in Bora Bora!

Our objective is to create uniquely romantic ceremonies at the most intimate & stunning venues in Bora Bora, explore our locations!  We love creating magic! We are proud to have organized the first and only Tahitian Ceremony which took place atop Mt Popoti with a helicopter landing!


Bora Bora Sensational Wedding Venues

Motu Piti Aau Bora Bora Ceremony

Motu Piti A’au

Our most popular venue in Bora Bora.The motu has it all – a sensational beach, stunning lagoon & the breathtaking backdrop of  the mythical Mt Otemanu.

Wedding Bora Bora - Matira Beach Ceremony

Matira Beach

Popular for couples staying on the Main Island.

Matira Beach, one of the world’s most famous beaches & regularly voted in the top 10 of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Tupai The Heart Shape Atoll

Tupai – The “Heart Shape” Atoll

Tupai might just be the most romantic atoll in the world with his heart-shaped.  Located 10 miles North of Bora Bora, the Atoll of Tupai offers a long stretch of beach, its own inner lagoon making possible a Helicopter Landing

Wedding Bora Bora - Mt Popoti Ceremony

Mt Popoti

The Most Stunning 360 View of Bora Bora from Atop Mt Popoti!

Bora Bora Catamaran

Floating Aboard a Catamaran

This is truly a fabulous option to consider – especially for those looking to ‘do something different’ or to ‘celebrate to the max’.

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