JackCarolGetting Married in Bora Bora….....We had a pleasant experience with a wedding planner named Roderick - see: www.weddingborabora.com. We are from the U.S. and had to 'navigate' through all the critical items needed in order to have a legally recognized wedding on this small but breathtaking island. Here are some of the things that will save you time and make your special day truly spectacular.

First, picking and contracting a wedding planner is critical so pick your wedding planner quickly and wisely. One of the critical items we needed was someone local that would maintain timely communication to insure things are being handled and to ease one's nerves as your special day quickly arrives.

Our decision to chose Roderick was the best decision we made for our special day. Roderick was available by phone and was quick to respond to emails and inquiries. Roderick also was very familiar with the local Mayor's office personnel and was very willing to personally deliver our French translated wedding documents with quick feedback. We also found that Roderick was very flexible to changes in plans as our cruise ship changed our itinerary three times before settling on a specific day of arrival on the island.

Roderick also was well connected with supporting our request for a 2nd traditional Polynesian wedding which occurred on a nearby private island. The polynesian non-denominational priest was also patient in providing translation from French to English.