If you are considering a wedding on Bora Bora you should definitely speak with Moea who runs Wedding Bora Bora. She made our wedding into something truly unforgettable.

We are from Germany and had decided to get married on Bora Bora which is by the way the most beautiful place I have ever been to. Now living on the other side of the world with 12h time difference doesn´t make things easy when you want to plan a wedding. The easiest thing is to contact your Hotel. Thats exactly what we did. In our case it was the Hilton. What we got from them was a pricelist of things to do and to add to your ceremony. We emailed questions and received no reply. We called and nobody could help us. We became quite frustrated and that was the moment I found Wedding Bora Bora.

These guys are very helpful, very friendly and totally uncomplicated - they take their time, give good advice and go the extra mile to get things done for you. It was a blessing for us to have found these guys. Stephan (photos) and his girlfriend were all so nice and we had such a fun day together that my wife and I spontaneously invited them to our wedding dinner (which we originally wanted to do alone).

Thanks again to you Moea and Stephan for the wonderful memories you helped put together. Cheers. David & Eve Mahoney