Travel to Bora Bora – Opening of French Polynesia’s Borders

We realize some of you might be planning to visit French Polynesia and are questioning its re-opening.  With the information available in English is “weak” – We wanted to communicate the latest information available in French from the Official Source translated in English.  We hope this will help you plan your future stay in FP.

Re-opening of tourism and gradual resumption of commercial flights in French Polynesia from July 3, 2020

After facing the health crisis and in a context where the pandemic is beginning to regress or stabilize in some countries, French Polynesia must now do everything to ensure the recovery of its economy. Indeed, to limit the social and economic impact and especially the elimination of thousands of jobs, it is essential to quickly define the modalities of a resumption of economic activity compatible with the protection of the population.

The High Commissioner and the President of French Polynesia therefore announced this morning the gradual resumption of commercial flights from July 3 and presented the new sanitary rules which will apply to passengers.

The reopening of French Polynesia will be done in several stages on the basis of increased vigilance and the application of the precautionary principle:

> Before July 1, 2020

Three flights of territorial continuity are still scheduled to bring back cargo as well as residents, students and people who have a compelling reason (health, professional)

A mandatory test will be required 72 hours before departure. It must be negative to allow boarding.

Required Isolation either in a dedicated place, or at home if all the conditions of self-isolation are met.

> From July 3, 2020

The opening of commercial flights between Paris and Papeete will be possible only for residents, students and people who have a compelling reason (health, professional).

A mandatory test will be required 72 hours before departure. It must be negative to allow boarding.

All passengers will be subject to a quarantine period of one week (seven) in dedicated center or at home, with a new test at the end.

> From July 15, 2020

Opening of French Polynesia to international tourism for Europe and the United States initially.

  • Mandatory international travel insurance for each non-resident visitor.
  • Required test 72 hours before departure.
  • Compulsory traveler information about their itinerary, inter-island transport, accommodation (contact details: e-mail, telephone, address, dates of stay).
  • Certificate of commitment on the honor regarding the respect of the barrier gestures and a self-diagnosis of the symptoms.
  • Wearing a mask recommended during the stay when social distancing is not guaranteed.
  • Tests carried out during the stay.

From this date, a procedure to monitor people based on three pillars “Trace, screen, isolate” will be put in place in order to welcome tourists in optimal security conditions and to protect tourism professionals.

In addition, the entire tourism sector will set up a “Clean and safe” protocol, by respecting barrier gestures and social distancing measures to limit the risk the development of a chain of transmission (cluster) .

If a new Covid-19 case is detected in the territory, it will be immediately isolated in a single room and the individual itinerary will be traced using the information provided on arrival.

Building on the acquired experience from the management of the crisis, the authorities of the State and of French Polynesia will continue their efforts to guarantee health security for the population while reconciling it with the Re-opening of tourism, and more generally the economic activity.

Translated from the Source “Haut Commissariat”

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