Bora Bora provides for stunning spots for photography!  Why not schedule a couple photo-shoot!

During these slow times we are certainly missing meeting people!  Bora Bora is deserted and no one here has ever lived this situation.  Everyone is trying to stay positive and this slow times allows us to enjoy the wonderful nature around us we often take for granted.  We are grateful to have so many friends, partners who are so willing to go the extra mile for our future clients.

This past week, we were trilled to join Stephan & his wonderful wife Bonnie on a scouting photo outing.  This was a great opportunity for us to observe and participate on a photo-shoot, while we have witness many photo-shoots we seldom are active participants.  I have to say it was an amazing time but it was challenging!  There were four of us, Stephan had in mind to shoot in the water; something is does regularly at the resorts or in the Lagoon.  What made this different was the spot he selected was outside the outer reef which surrounds Bora Bora.  It took us around 30 mins to get there, the weather was great, water very clear and saw a few black tips sharks swimming around.

It as time to jump in, we all went in to scout the exact spots; Stephan had in mind to have our bride of the day swim with her dress inside one of the Hoas near the reef.  We found one wide enough so the dress would not be get tangle on rocks on the coral.   This is when I am glad I was just observing and helping best I can instead of swimming with the wedding dress.  We spent about an hour taking various shots, our wonderful captain was here to insure safety and all went well.  We have not yet seen the photos but we will make sure to share them once Stephan is done editing them.

Meanwhile, for many of our clients wishing to have selfies or a photo session at the resort; Stephan shared this neat map he created which gives indication of the best photo spots at the Resorts.

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