The 3 key elements of a Traditional Tahitian Wedding

The 3 key elements of a Traditional Tahitian Wedding

There are 3 key elements in a Tahitian Traditional Wedding:

The auti, the plant sacred to Tahitians.  Water – taken from the ocean (moana), the greatest temple on earth. Tiare Tahiti – the wonderfully perfumed flower which symbolizes harmony & the sharing of all things.

  • A split leaf of “Auti” a sacred plant is tied on the wrist of each person, this symbolizes the union between the two individuals.
  • The Water poured over their hands to symbolize the purification of the Union.
  • The exchange of flowers, commonly lays & crowns, a welcome sign in French Polynesia.

The Auti

In recognition of the marriage being sacred, the wedding is first blessed using auti:

The sacred bond, the union of the two, is recognized by the tying of a strip taken from the back of the auti leaf which will call in good & protect the couple against evil. In ancient times Tahitians would tie the strips to the entrance to their fares (homes) to protect their privacy

The Auti - Traditional Tahitian Wedding

The Auti & Water – Traditional Tahitian Wedding

The water marks the purification of the wedding

The exchange of Tiare Tahiti – the leis have been given to the groom by the parents of the bride as a sign of his having been welcomed into the family as one with other family members. The Tiare Tahiti is the symbol of the love for one another

The Water - Purification

The Water – Purification

For the blessing

the couple is then wrapped in a “Tifaifai” (a Tahitian Guilt) for the “Tahua” (non-denominational Tahitian Priest) to give them his benediction. red signifying royalty & love, being wrapped together to signify their union; the union given the benediction of the tahua

The Blessing - Tahitian Wedding

The Blessing – Tahitian Wedding

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Ken & Yuriko Story of their Tahitian Wedding

Ken & Yuriko Story of their Tahitian Wedding

Ken & Yuriko from Japan – The story of their Tahitian Wedding

Yuriko & Ken - Tahitian Wedding in Bora Bora

Yuriko & Ken – Tahitian Wedding in Bora Bora

Ken & Yuriko were our last couple to have a Tahitian Wedding at Motu Piti A’au before French Polynesia closed it borders due to Covid-19.  They were a very special couple, full of joy and emotions during their ceremony; it was especially touching for us as they had decided to wear traditional costumes which were provided by our troupe.

We are delighted to see their stories in an interview by Romantic Explorer, a site dedicated to Romantic Couples from across the world to sharing their experiences.

Couple Ken and Yuriko share their Dreamy Tahitian Wedding Ceremony Story

Ken and Yuriko, a lovely couple from Japan, made their dream of having a Tahitian Wedding Ceremony in Bora Bora a reality. Their Tahitian Wedding Ceremony took place at Motu Piti Aau. They kindly shared their experience and tips with me by answering the following questions:

What is it like to get married in Bora Bora? You mentioned you’ve never been to Bora Bora before getting married there – did it meet your expectations?

Ken: Yes! The weather and ocean were exquisite, and our Tahitian Wedding Ceremony in Bora Bora had a private and exclusive feel. We adorned traditional dress, which made it all the more special.

How amazing that they chose to fully embrace the culture of Bora Bora Island with a Tahitian Ceremony!


You can find the full article here:

Motu Piti Aau

20% Off Discount – Bora Bora Tahitian Wedding Planning Fees

20% Off Discount – Bora Bora Tahitian Wedding Planning Fees

To all future brides & grooms, all the wonderful couples celebrating an anniversary and everyone else of course that plans on visiting Bora Bora!

We understand these times are challenging, many of you had planned on visiting Bora Bora and had to postpone due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is so unfortunate, we also realize it had a financial impact on many people across the world!  Tourism here has been absent, down to zero and many local Tahitian Families are struggling.  We are all very compassionate about the situation, we know traveling in itself has become challenging; so much chaos and uncertainty but we all have to stay positive, kindness & love will prevail!

For the ones who will be able to visit French Polynesia and particularly Bora Bora, we wish to give you some love!

We are extending a 20% discount off our Tahitian Wedding Planning Fees until November 30th 2020.  One ceremony creates around 12 jobs for the day, all of our partners and colleagues are ready to welcome you and give you a “safe” HUG!

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We hope to meet and welcome many of you in out small corner of paradise!

Bora Bora Aerial View


Bora Bora Wedding – Save the date!

Bora Bora Wedding – Save the date!

Bora Bora Wedding – Save the date!

Planning to visit Bora Bora? Feeling the romance? Curious about having a Traditional Polynesian Wedding or Vow Renewals ceremony during your stay in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora has the reputation of being one of the most romantic place on earth! We are here to help you make your dream come true! Check our web site and use our Tahitian Wedding Builder app to obtain an instant quote for Tahitian Wedding or Vow Renewal ceremony.  Bora Bora is the place to be romantic and we will help you design your dream ceremony!
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Couples photography in Bora Bora

Couples photography in Bora Bora

Bora Bora provides for stunning spots for photography!

During these slow times we are certainly missing meeting people!  Bora Bora is deserted and no one here has ever lived this situation.  Everyone is trying to stay positive and this slow times allows us to enjoy the wonderful nature around us we often take for granted.  We are grateful to have so many friends, partners who are so willing to go the extra mile for our future clients.

This past week, we were trilled to join Stephan & his wonderful wife Bonnie on a scouting photo outing.  This was a great opportunity for us to observe and participate on a photo-shoot, while we have witness many photo-shoots we seldom are active participants.  I have to say it was an amazing time but it was challenging!  There were four of us, Stephan had in mind to shoot in the water; something is does regularly at the resorts or in the Lagoon.  What made this different was the spot he selected was outside the outer reef which surrounds Bora Bora.  It took us around 30 mins to get there, the weather was great, water very clear and saw a few black tips sharks swimming around.

It as time to jump in, we all went in to scout the exact spots; Stephan had in mind to have our bride of the day swim with her dress inside one of the Hoas near the reef.  We found one wide enough so the dress would not be get tangle on rocks on the coral.   This is when I am glad I was just observing and helping best I can instead of swimming with the wedding dress.  We spent about an hour taking various shots, our wonderful captain was here to insure safety and all went well.  We have not yet seen the photos but we will make sure to share them once Stephan is done editing them.

Meanwhile, for many of our clients wishing to have selfies or a photo session at the resort; Stephan shared this neat map he created which gives indication of the best photo spots at the Resorts.

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