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A Tattoo Seals Our Lifelong Love

IMG 3252There are many ways that couples celebrate the sealing of their life-long love, their comittment to a life together.

Scott & Bahar chose a tattoo.

As Scott put it: "There's lots of meaning to it and all done 'freehand' reflecting things like mountains (Mt Otemanu), shark's teeth and the best, down the bottom near the tiki head is a symbol of Bahar & I united in marriage."





Dancers Firing Up A Wedding

Fire DancingLooking for a ceremony that is truly different....

For a wedding that everyone talks about - always....

A wedding that's absolutely burnin'....

Wedding Bora Bora....

Want a wedding that's absolutely burnin'....

A wedding that's HOT!

Wedding Bora Bora is ON FIRE!!!


The Cost Of Love

Cost Of Love

The Bride-To-Be "COST OF LOVE" survey - the only national survey of its kind in Australia - reports that the average cost of a wedding in Australia is now $65,482!


The average wedding budget is $31,125 per couple ... yet they'll spend a staggering additional $34,232!

Is it any wonder that: "1 in 3 couples wish they could have eloped to save all the stress of planning".


Couples spend an average $3083 on wedding photography with 1 in 4 couples spending over $4000.

43% of couples will video their wedding, paying an average $2606 with 6% of couples spending over $4000.


Come to Bora Bora - to the world's most beautiful island - & marry for a fraction of the cost in an environment that is one of Mother Nature's greatest gifts.

There will be NO blow-out in budget, NO stress in planning & you'll be married in paradise, the world's most stunning destination.

Let Wedding Bora Bora take you there.